Platinum diamond ring, elegant and noble, blooming beautiful dazzling light, I think this is the dream of every girl. For many white-collar lovers, a platinum diamond ring is still relatively expensive, a carat too big, I only asked 50 points. 50 points of platinum diamond ring, is not small, just right, both significant noble, the price and within the affordability, so 50 points platinum diamond ring is the best choice for many ordinary lovers, then a 50 points platinum diamond ring price How much is it?

The first point: 50 cents diamond diamond diamond price


Any of the most important factors that affect the price of a diamond ring is always its diamonds. A lot of people for the concept of 50 points is not very clear, a carat is equal to one hundred points, that is, zero two grams, so in fact 50 points diamond ring is zero a gram of diamond ring. The impact of 50 points diamond ring diamond price factor is also very much, its weight, color, cut, clarity, etc., 50 points of diamonds, its color, cut, clarity is graded to distinguish, the highest Replica Cartier jewelry level The diamond colorless and transparent, bright color, high value, the price is very expensive. So a 50 points of the diamond ring, diamond color, cut, clarity and other factors, the price will be different.

The second point: 50 points Platinum diamond ring quit price


A 50-point platinum diamond ring, remove the most influential diamond price, it is an important factor in the lifting of the price. Different ring material, the price is different, take the most popular platinum ring and drag the gold ring to compare it. A 50-point platinum diamond ring, its platinum material hard immortal, color was natural white, elegant and pure, and never fade, favored by young lovers, as precious metals platinum ring, compared to the material is soft, easy to deformation of gold Quit, the price is naturally expensive.

The third point: 50 points platinum diamond ring brand value


Any one thing, its brand is different, the brand value is different, so the impact of the price is not the same, diamond ring is the same reason. A 50-point diamond ring, in other factors the same circumstances, the higher the brand value, diamond ring price will be relatively much higher. As a 50 points internationally renowned brand of diamond ring, its brand influence, the brand value will be correspondingly large, the price will be higher, and a 50 minutes of the domestic brand of diamond ring its brand value is small, the price will Corresponding low


50 points Platinum diamond ring price is how much? After reading the introduction of Xiao Bian, I think you must get their own best answer, would like to understand, and act on it, do not miss true love Oh

As I do, every girl’s heart has a “one carat dream”, a fine diamond ring, not only for its elegance, but also because of its eternal immortality, as each of us dream of the eternal Lasting love in general. However, a symbol of the eternal diamond ring, it is important not only that it shines diamonds, it is also a very important part of the ring. So, what kind of material is good? How do I choose material? Let’s take a look at it.

The first: pure and elegant platinum material


Platinum, itself presents a natural white, bright color, pure natural natural light, shining with elegant glory. Platinum not only its own elegant and pure, and perseverance lasting, never fade, a symbol of pure and lasting good love, by a lot of lovers of all ages. Platinum material of the main dragons are PT950, PT990, PT900 three categories, that is, gold content ratio, the higher the gold content, the higher the value. Platinum’s own natural white and diamonds of the noble pavilions, so that the diamond ring shiny bright, its unique quality and beautiful meaning, it is the hearts of many lovers love the perfect token, so platinum ring can be said that the best way to quit the material The

The second: noble and elegant 18K gold material


18K gold for many people in China will not feel strange, it has been jewelry jewelry materials are the primary choice, and over the years has been occupying an important position. 18K gold material is soft and easy to deform, so many people will not choose it to set in diamond and other precious jewelry, but it is precisely because of its material is soft and easy to renovate, so many people have a soft spot for it, because it is easy to remodel , Style changeable. Although this year’s people’s fashion concept began to change, but 18K gold has always been a lot of people in the heart of the diamond ring quit material important choice, may be the impact of traditional culture has some key, but the unique charm of 18K gold is still can not be ignored The

The third kind: rare precious palladium


See the name of the palladium, many people will feel strange, but in recent years, palladium gradually into the jewelry industry’s attention, become the new darling of the jewelry industry. Like platinum, palladium is one of the world’s rare precious metals, as a non-renewable resources, its production is very small, less than 8% of gold. Palladium has the same purity as platinum and white luster and perseverance does not remind, but the price is much lower than platinum, so by a lot of working class lovers of all ages.


What kind of material is good? Every material has its advantages, naturally it has its flaws. So, pick the diamond ring when you quit, you are the best.