Many people in the purchase of diamond ring will always encounter some big or small problem, may be just a small detail, will become an important factor affecting the effect of wearing, which ring size is a very important and worthy of attention, the size of the ring What is the size of the table? The face of different regions and countries of the diamond ring brand, its ring size will have some minor differences How to accurately grasp the size of his girlfriend ring it? Give her a surprise, which requires your patience and careful, Xiaobian today with you to share the ring size table, as well as the purchase of the ring to pay attention to the details and measurement methods.

How to measure the size of the ring


Want to give his girlfriend a surprise? Surprise is not casually talk about you can complete Oh, you need to have enough patience and careful, careful through the details of life to understand the size of his girlfriend ring, patience is to make sure you can spend a lot of Replica Cartier jewelry time in many styles Choose a suitable for her. How do not know in the case of his girlfriend to measure the size of the ring, Xiao Bian here for everyone out of a few strokes it! First of all, if the girlfriend itself has a ring, you can directly get her jewelry jewelry store to estimate, if not convenient, then you can prepare a white pen with a pencil along the inner wall of the ring circle. Of course, you can also read the magazine inadvertently asked the size of the ring, the specific form depends on your way with your girlfriend, I believe this must be difficult.


Measure the need to pay attention to the details


Small ring carrying a lot of good, can not because of their careless effect of the wearing effect, Xiao Bian is still here for everyone to list a few need to pay attention to the small details of it 1, seasonal, the size of the purchase of the ring when the size is seasonal, the summer when the ring is just enough to buy, can not be too loose, too loose, then it will be easy to fall off in the winter, which is hot and cold A principle, but also affect the effect of ring wear an important factor. 2, wear habits, the previous custom is the male left female right, but with the continuous improvement of modern ideas and updates, many people do not care about this problem, on the contrary, everyone has everyone to pay attention to the way, You personally to understand the understanding of the size of different fingers will be different Oh.


Self-measurement can not guarantee accuracy


Sometimes for convenience, may choose to choose their own home at home, because their own professional may cause some errors, it should be able to go to the jewelry store for professional measurement, it will start from a lot of details, for you to find a suitable size , So that you can have a better wearing effect of the United States!


There are a variety of rings, each person’s size is only one, each ring has its own special significance, I hope everyone in the purchase of the ring before some more attentive and patient, although the different brands of ring size table will be different, but as long as Patience, so that you can buy a satisfactory diamond ring, witness your happiness.

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Cartier classic six claw crown diamond ring


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Cartier six claw diamond ring red box of the secret


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