Chinese people are very fond of gem rings, Cartier has an emerald ring in the world is very popular. Emerald has a unique charm, more able to meet the Chinese people’s aesthetic habits. Now more Americans are more and more like emerald jewelry. To this end, Cartier in 2015 launched a senior emerald ring.

Cartier in 2015 launched Étourdissant senior jewelry series brought this emerald ring, inspired by the 1920s Tutti Frutti jewelry style, the sapphire, emerald and carefully carved out of the leaves and fruit modeling.

The name of the ring, Delhi, comes from India’s second largest city, Delhi, symbolizing the original origins of carved gems.

Étourdissant series of sales than Replica Cartier Love Bracelet. This is because the price of Étourdissant is very expensive, many consumers are not able to buy. So this ring in the market circulation rate will not be too high.

In 1911, Cartier third-generation successor Jacques Cartier went to India to introduce aristocrat Cartier jewelry, he found that most of the local colored gemstones were cut into leaves and fruit shapes, so these unique gemstones back to the French workshop carefully studied, and ultimately created Fruit style.

The designer selected a 22.53ct Colombian emerald green as the ring of the main stone, with saturated and bright green, according to the style of fruit jewelry elements, in the gem surface engraved neat lines, showing realistic fruit shape, the top Inlaid diamonds represent natural fruit stems.

Treated on both sides of the set with emeralds and sapphires inlaid leaves, you can see the clear veins of the veins. The designer cleverly gem claws hidden in the leaves of the gap between the formation of a seamless visual effects.