King table and according to wave table are well-known domestic watch brand. And for those interested in buying the two brands of products, “King table and according to wave table which is good” will bother them. For this watch home to answer questions for you. Here we look at the king table and according to wave table which is okay.

Brand VS brand

“King table” was founded in 1988, is the Hong Kong when the watch group’s watch brand. After more than 20 years of Cartier love bracelet replica development, has now become the domestic watch industry’s famous brand, in the country’s major cities in the city and the county to establish a huge marketing network, and set up a maintenance service center.

According to wave table brand has a solid strength. According to wave continued topped the “China’s 500 most valuable brand” list, won the domestic industry only BID “Century Quality Gold Award”, “Century Quality Platinum Award” and so on, brand value rising year after year; brand founder Tao Li Rong won the “Shenzhen economy 30 years of industry leader in the SAR “and” Shenzhen first industry leader. ”

Advantages of VS advantage

King King table with a strong design research and development strength, with excellent design team as the core, through CAD, CAM computer-aided design and manufacturing systems and the world’s most advanced precision machining equipment, designed and produced by consumers favored by a series of classic Watches, and won a number of national patents.

Ad hoc “Quality Supervision and Control Center” to the ISO9001 quality assurance system for the implementation of standards to ensure that King King table consistent product quality; fully enclosed clean anti-static assembly line and harsh environmental laboratory for the king table to provide a powerful production Support and protection. At the same time, also introduced advanced ERP system to the company throughout the business management, so that management increasingly scientific and modern.

Research and design center, brand operation center, quality control center, information management center, the four centers horizontal cooperation, the market information collection, product development, quality control and marketing together at the same time, vertical parallel operation, breaking the bottleneck, The functions of the centers run through the business process. From the beginning of the design, to product production and then to the product market research and development Cartier love ring replica center, by the design director to fully share all aspects of resources, so that according to wave of product development capabilities greatly improved.

Use survey

Watch the home through access to some information that: according to wave table sales than the king table to more. Well-known two brands almost. Consumers reflect the waves better than the king. Finally, the failure to repair rate by wave than the king table low!

Summary: King and according to wave are domestic watch brand, in fact, in the final analysis, or almost. But on the basis of this almost, according to wave table better!

Carnival (JIANIANHUA) is a brand of Swiss Carnival International Group Co., Ltd., which was established in 1986 and registered in China in 2008. In 2011, it became a well-known watch brand. Carnival is one of the most influential fashion watch brand, one of the classic, sports, tungsten steel watch series shine. Always perfect life, this is the carnival watch brand idea. What about the carnival watch?

Authentic Swiss carnival watch how, carnival watches really good

To make the characteristics of time to meet people’s fashion, sports, leisure pursuit, to make their own brand connotation, so that every carnival watch can be used as a witness to the trend. Simple but significant publicity, calm and elegant, is the embodiment of the carnival watch style.

As a high-end well-known watch brand, Carnival has a Swiss-made technology and fashion art intersection heritage advantages, with its own years of technology research and development and precision manufacturing strength, but also through interaction with our customers to absorb a lot of cutting-edge elements, more firmly toward the broad The customer’s favorite intimate direction.

Carnival adhering to the Swiss manufacturing technology and design style, breaking the traditional mature classic watches for the mainstream situation, open up a new classic style of young fashion to the international and domestic markets as the goal and make unremitting efforts.

Carnival hand watch how

Carnival watch with sapphire crystal Cartier nail bracelet replica glass table mirror, inside with multi-layer anti-reflective coating; case selection is the use of stainless steel or tungsten steel and other materials. In the waterproof performance, the carnival watch also has a 50m, 100m, 200m and other different levels of waterproof performance. Movement selection, Carnival watch movement are from the Swiss original movement.

Function, but also visible carnival watches date, week display and multi-function code table timing. Part of the watch also has up to 25 years of life of the super luminous function. Carnival watch quality? From the watch the country of Switzerland, I believe in quality, carnival brand watch quality or worthy of recognition.