Love is never you say forever forever can be really dry and rotten into the white head, in the distance to carve the two people all the way to the memories, but love has so much sweet certainly no sad and tears, do not let these lives Of the episode into a hindrance to your happiness in the small stones. When two people on the future of life to determine the person standing in front of their own people will be ready to enter the marriage hall, many people do not know how to maintain engagement after the engagement ring, and even some people directly ignore the engagement ring The importance of maintenance, I want to say is that love needs to be well managed, after the engagement of the ring can not be ignored maintenance.


Wash away lead


Each of us is not the perfect individual, have such a too little or less small problems, in the old time we are in the run together slowly to adapt to each other, worn each other’s edges into the most suitable for each other’s appearance. Although the engagement ring is dazzling, but wearing a long time in the hands of the dust will cover up its light, so we must always clean the engagement ring. Many people do not know how to clean, then let me tell you. In fact, the method of cleaning the ring is very simple, at home with a little salt with water, the ring on the cup filled with salt soaked fifteen to thirty minutes, and then gently brush up and down with a toothbrush, Clean on it.


Love souvenirs


People’s life is too hasty, hurriedly come and gone, a lot of time we have not had time to catch what has been lost. A lot of people come and go in our lives, those who pass the life of our too late to pursue, and the front must not let go. Two people can go to marry this section of the road, it is really not easy to calculate. Engagement rings are carrying too much of the appendage of each other’s memories, and if it’s no longer light, it’s both your neglect of two people’s love and the disrespect of the past. So that maintenance of engagement rings is also in the maintenance of each other’s love.

Love you in the long round of time


Time card, two people get along for a long time will naturally have to give up the time, but as long as the period is through the vista, so whenever you want to give up when you think of the past is commendable. Every wash of the ring is actually helping you to review the past, look at the past how you are happy to see him really sorry for your heart, all the way has become a cloud of smoke.


Love is also a shelf life, we need to always care and care, the engagement ring for each maintenance are in the past some of the review, so after the engagement of the ring can not be ignored maintenance.

Time flies, the taste of love only two people can experience, we can not change this half points. Said that when the first love is pure but hot love, two people do not have the pressure of life there is no real obstruction, only the most sincere share of each other’s heart. Long down, we can not say that love has changed, there is no way to blame each other is not enough intentions. Time to go forward, two people are no longer young when only love the juvenile, and years to leave the feelings of not only continue to go to the Cartier love bracelet replica determination, but also a change in feelings. Love has gone through for a long time and the time has passed like a ring that has not been cleared for a long time and has become dull. The ring with love as needed to save, then the bath can wear a ring?


Believe in the power of love each other


Two people together with the most important trust, too much suspicion and suspicion of the last loss can only be his loss of patience and feelings for you. I have had a personal experience, when you love a person when it will become sensitive and suspicious, afraid he left, afraid not enough love. The result of this is nothing more than the love of the people who love you, the loss of confidence. In fact, we do not wear a ring with a bath, we do not know how to wear the ring in the hands of whether it will not be damaged, if it really becomes bleak, big deal to do a cleanup, why bother fuss.


Cleaning makes it even better


Love is never a matter of time, it is a long time, it is endless. A good ring with a good feeling, like the need to pass the test of time, only to withstand the storm to be able to accompany you to the farther future. A ring in the bath when you can wear, I believe that the real gold is not afraid of fire, so do not need to be afraid to take a bath when wearing a ring will damage it, as it is a test.

Love is steady


I am eager to vigorous love, but also look forward to the ordinary to go in the long love, whether it is Cartier love ring replica sensational or ordinary as long as it is true. I have always believed that you will not go, not your failure to come. I would like to tell you here is a person if you really belong to you, will come back, a ring even if the stains cover up its light, after cleaning is still the beginning, so do not fear, bold to love bold Wearing a ring wantonly show off your love.


Can you wear a ring with a bath? In fact, many people will be entangled in this problem, but in fact too concerned about something of a certain thing, often unable to retain. I want to say is to follow their own heart to go, why doing, do not stick to bit by bit, to see a longer future.