Travel on the way how to protect the precious jewelry When traveling, poor natural conditions, or sharp, or sand all over the sky, it is easy to damage to the tourists to wear expensive jewellery, there are several ways to make your jewelry to protect the burnish like new. If it is gold jewelry, can add neutral soap in warm water, jewelry first soaked in water, rinse gently for a moment, then wipe with a soft cloth or cotton paper, can achieve a goal. If it is a pearl jewelry, always with a soft cloth to wipe. Especially in the summer, people sweat contains acid and alkali, pearl of acid and alkali resistance is weak, it is important to pay special attention to the protection. Towel available to jewelry bag, add some cold cream, gently turning moment, then use absorbent soft cloth rub-up. Swimming in the sea, the gold jewelry should be avoided, and don't make jewelry exposure to chlorine water, especially the 14 k and 18 k gold jewelry. People in gold jewellery after period of time, found that change color or fade, many people think Cartier nail bracelet replica that this is the insufficient in assaying the fineness of gold jewelry, then store bargaining or complaints to the consumer association, however, is accused of gold jewelry fade is not insufficient in assaying the fineness of gold jewelry, but the other reasons, so, this is precisely what reason? Gold jewelry color or fade with the body's sweat has a close relationship. People sweat moisture is 99%, and 1% is the body of waste and harmful substances in the body, such as: chlorinated, lactic acid, urea, ammonia, etc. These substances with gold jewelry in silver and copper after contact, can produce chemical reaction, the silver chloride and copper sulfide, and render the deep black chemical salts. This chemical salt often fall off from the gold jewelry, pollution of the wearer's skin, make the skin very obvious black stains. The cosmetics have become an indispensable one of the "character" of people's life. If daub is on gold jewelry worn parts of the skin, so to cosmetics containing chemical substances and undoubtedly the most afraid of chemical erosion gold jewelry "last elected" provide opportunities, the results can think of. Some cosmetics, but also includes some subtle grain, it can constitute another type of dirt, so as to wear gold jewelry. Regional environmental factors may also lose gold jewelry bright beautiful colour and lustre. Such as: the dry region, contains more original fine dust in the air, after pick up the human body can form a kind of "human sandpaper", it can put the gold jewelry abrasive wear out very fine clastic, a local black stains, etc. It is worth mentioning, talcum powder or cream also contains similar particles, also like these make gold jewelry in the shade. In general, after a period of time should be sent back to gold jewelry worn jewelry shop, do some cleaning, polishing and maintenance work, through professional jewelry maintenance, gold jewelry will be immediately presented a new feeling. The love of beauty is human nature, beautiful fashion jewelry is women's favorite. But, beautiful beautiful Cartier nail bracelet replica jewelry in beautification instrument, have fun at the same time, also because of the improper use or product quality is not high, disinfection not strictly or wear, etc., bring skin health hazard. Jewelry dermatitis Jewelry is dermatitis due to wear jewelry in the composition of some skin disease caused by an anaphylactic reaction, such as nickel, chromium, copper, pigment, etc., show the contact site erythema, papule, pruritus, severe cases can also be a blister, erosion, seepage. For jewelry repeated skin contact dermatitis and for unknown reasons, should be to find the allergen of dermatological department of hospital. At the same time, avoid to contact sensitive to act the role ofing is tasted. Generally speaking, of pure gold, silver and jewelry has good stability, low probability of occurrence allergy. Inferior heavy metal products, higher probability of gold-plated jewelry cause dermatitis. Experts recommend that buy the metal jewelry to best quality inspection qualified store have the prestige brand of products, don't buy material source products. Radioactive jewelry disease According to research, some gold jewelry contains polonium, cobalt and other radioactive elements, radium; Some of the natural gemstone jewelry also contains radioactive material; Certain easily activated stone after radiation can emit bright luster, there are radioactive material. Skin contact with radioactive material Cartier nail bracelet replica will cause radioactive jewelry for a long time, is characterized by symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, headache, skin and the difficulties, serious can cause blood and digestive system, nervous system damage, also can cause skin cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and other malignant tumors. Experts recommend that meet the national standards of detection of purchase after authorities gold or jewelry, or place the gem six months to one year, to be radioactivity to below radioactive immunity values before wearing. Skin infections Some young women to pursue fashion, perforation on the skin, such as nasal hole, wearing nose rings and a navel hole, etc., or difficult to clean the jewellery such as flower ring for a long time, the sweat, dirt gathered themselves together, and create the pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and breeding, cause skin infection, characterized by pain, redness, skin erosion, fester, swollen lymph nodes, and tenderness. Once appear afore-mentioned symptoms should be timely diagnosis, under the guidance of application of antibiotics or anti-fungal drugs. Experts recommend that nasal hole for wear jewelry should be to normal hospital perforation. Long time to wear jewelry imitation Cartier love bracelet should be disinfected regularly, should be removed when you go to sleep. Especially in the summer, should try to avoid wearing long time. Ring syndrome Long time wearing a thin ring, can cause the end of the finger blood circulation obstacle, organizational problems, local oxygen, causing the fingers cold, blue skin, numbness, pain and other symptoms, severe cases can appear local necrosis and infection. Therefore, the elderly, peripheral blood circulation disorders, diabetes, high blood pressure, vasculitis, Renault, hand eczema, tinea manuum, such as lupus erythematosus, dermatomyositis, scleroderma patients had better not wear ring. Experts recommend that models suitable wear ring should pay attention to size. Earrings syndrome Earrings syndrome is a group for piercing the ear infection, allergic to fill/wear, scar constitution causes ear infections, such as tetanus, ear chondritis, keloid, the abnormal conditions such as ear lobes. Therefore, when the ear local inflammation such as skin rashes, itching, running water, should be timely to the hospital, identify Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica infection or allergy, to prevent the disease. If the former metal allergy, should do metal patch experiment to the hospital, determine what kind of metal allergy, so as to avoid with allergic materials, metal accessories. Experts recommend that should consult a dermatologist before their ears pierced, confirm there is no scar constitution. In addition, the earrings should choose not allergic material as far as possible, and regular cleaning.