Cut is the only human factor to determine the quality and value of diamonds. It determines the color and shining of diamonds, and is known as the second birth of a beautiful diamond – a good cut can pass the bright light inside the diamond through the cutting surface Carefully arranged and released. It can be seen that the merits of the cut is not only determined whether the marriage diamond ring is beautiful, but also directly affect the value of the wedding ring.

The higher the clarity of diamonds, the more precious. replica Cartier love bracelet yellow gold Diamonds in the crystallization process, often with a fine natural mark, recording the diamond formed a long and wonderful process, it is like the nature of the fingerprints, so that each diamond unique. If you can not enlarge the 10 times after the naked eye to see any debris, this diamond will be regarded as “the United States” is the highest degree of clarity sector. Different diamonds have different natural colors, the color of diamonds to colorless for the top grade, with the deepening of the yellow and gradually second.


Love series of ring inner ring lettering no # this symbol, the inner lettering letter is the logo, (on behalf of K gold figures) 750, ring size (Arabic numerals), item number, a small diamond symbol, LOVE series rose gold The domestic counter to sell rmb7500 (narrow section), Hong Kong to sell $ 6950, wide version of Hong Kong to sell $ 11690, the domestic should be around 1w3, if the price is lower than the price of Hong Kong, it should be very careful, and the other card with a certificate, genuine Can be in the global imtation Cartier love gold and diamond bracelet counter free lettering.