Group 1: Positive standing

Positive wedding can be said to be the most “original” pose, and the traditional movement is still widely used, it must have its “survival” meaning. Modern innovation after the positive wedding, no longer look old and deliberately, more new sub-new sense of warmth.

Tips: the bride out of the hand that can be slightly pulled the skirt of the hem, it will not appear no place to put Oh.

Tips: simple way sometimes there will be unexpected Replica Cartier jewelry results. Looked at the roses, to a big beam of stars is also good it Standing wedding photography modeling convenient, natural and appropriate between husband and wife; action easy to make, as long as the two mouth open mouth smile can be. And the overall performance of dignified and generous, both husband and wife rely on not intimate, such as superficial, very oriental charm.

Tips: four claws have a place to put Oh, the bride also way to bend the mind shape.

Tips: shy, must be shy, look at the floor, must look at the floor.

The second group: side standing

Speaking of the side of the wedding photography, many people will think of as usual stereotypes pose, in fact, South Korea’s side of the more popular wedding is a big element is kiss. Which contains a love in the hug and kiss, so that wedding add a little sweet.

Tips: hot kiss come, the bride face half of the camera body to be slightly lower, will not block the face and neck.

Tips: to the side of a bo! Clever use of a simple high stool, four paw claws have a place to put. Both sides face standing, staring at each other, showing affectionate lingering look. This posture is the key to grasp the eyes, not too stiff, it is necessary to show both sides Lang concubine meaning, passionate water, and can not be too contrived. It is best to have a look at the feeling of being charged. If it is not good to grasp, you can take technical means to cover the details of the eyes.

Mostly for the groom side to kiss the bride’s cheek. Of course, kiss only need to be an action only, do not have to break the bride here hard bitter makeup. The higher the level of the couple will be a little distance away to create a dynamic beauty.

Tips: This little bit of decadent temperament, just look good.

Tips: the characteristics of the bridegroom back to the camera Oh, the bride can look to the camera can also stare at the air, free degree great.

The third group: sitting position

Regardless of which country’s wedding photography, dependency is one of the essential pose, seems to sit more limited, it is difficult to play in the action, in fact, as long as the change through the sitting or change the sitting environment, the effect will There is a big gap.

Tips: simple posture, Tian Mei mood. Later to repair the color to be as elegant as possible.

Tips: feather fan, old photo texture. People and the background of the feeling of integration. Remember to be brilliant smile Oh The bride’s bust is leaning against the bridegroom, shoulder, or arm, showing the bride and groom and the image of the bride and bustle. Of course, the bride’s face flowing pure and happy expression of the most critical. The expression of the groom is happy or serious.

Tips: barefoot with straw hat, light style.

Tips: home area, with a bay window, you can shoot at home directly. Appropriate exposed some home elements more warm.

The fourth group: back to the lens

The best way to take a photo is to combine the indoor and outdoor light, you can create a romantic feeling. Backlight shooting techniques are also loved by many photographers, the photo is the most effective one of the way. Back to the photographer with photographic shooting, is to create a choice of atmospheric wedding photos, good photographers can be a good use of light and equipment, the original scene to shoot a shocking effect.

Tips: bride back to the lens, the groom side stand, the two do kindly talk. A few pieces of green leaves are the finishing touch.

Tips: gently kiss, do not pressure on the stool or table, gently support like.

Above mentioned is some beautiful pose and some small Tip, the following look at the single and double pose should pay attention to what matters!

In the single beauty to pay attention to the matter:

A, shooting the body and the head do not become a line, try not to vertical and the ground. If both into a straight line, it will inevitably have a sense of dull. Therefore, when the body facing the lens, the head should be slightly left or right turn some, the photo will appear elegant and vivid; the same reason, when the subject’s eyes are on the lens, let the body into a certain Angle, will make the screen look angry and momentum, and can increase the three-dimensional.

B, limbs try to produce changes, there are twists and turns or angle, do not parallel to each other. Whether the subject is sitting or standing, do not let the arms or legs were parallel, because it will make people have a stiff, mechanical sense. The proper practice can be a straightforward or both. In this way, can both create dynamic, posture and full of change.

C, shoulders, waist, hips as far as possible not with the ground level, this is not conducive to creating a body curve. Buttocks to turn over to show the narrowest side; and the chest will have to bend through the waist, try to show the towering. At the same time, one hand of a character can be placed on the buttocks to provide the necessary width to the screen.

D, the center as far as possible on a leg, so more convenient to play the body posture. Usually to make a person’s legs actually support the weight of the body, the other one leg slightly raised and leaning against the standing leg.

E, sometimes the body muscles to have a certain tension, such as sitting so that his body like moving forward, sitting near the chair side, and keep the chest abdomen, or the hand of the cheek position. Otherwise the muscles will be deformed due to pressure, affect the beauty.

F, the position of the hand must be considered good, to be placed reasonable, but can not snatch the characters face visual attention. If you do not grasp the position of the players, then do not shoot out.

Double beauty should pay attention to the problem:

A, double beauty in the shape of attention to each other between the body changes, from the human body point of view. The body of the head, chest, buttocks, three blocks, in the study of the two beautiful posture we will be two of the body block is divided into two groups of body block to study, the general photographer relative to the camera has six basic structure: Sideways, female half of the body along the male half of the sideways, female half of the body against the male side of the sideways, male sideways sideways, male body is body, body back body back. In the six basic combination of the basis of further fine-tuning can produce endless fine posture.

B, the two face to face when standing, if Mr. hugs waist, should pay attention to hug waist hand is exposed out, if the hand exposed out, it is more jerky superfluous, so hug waist action is actually just put his hand on the ladies The corresponding side of the crotch can be, do not really hug over, if the President to pull Ms.’s hand, then just gently touch the second finger of the second part of the finger, the woman’s hand attached to the hands of Mr. , Mr.’s wrist to the inside, hand slightly outward bend.

So the effect of hand will be more harmonious performance. In the double beauty will often encounter “support” action, elbow completely force, the shoulder will be up, the whole body’s attitude has become very uncoordinated in the design of “support” attitude should pay attention to remind the photo Use the power of the waist, not the elbow.

C, the world’s shape, structure, the proportion is not the same, so there can be two exactly the same beauty, according to different people to do the appropriate adjustments.

Blindly imitate the sample is not enough, the sample to see the attitude is only a gesture through the framing, composition, cutting and many other links shown by the end result. Photographers should be observed in life and found that people in every possible way, in the imitation of the adjustment according to different people to understand the curve of the human body, avoid weaknesses.

Photographed the wedding of our love of the vow, the most beautiful moment to keep, master these skills, look forward to the film to give yourself a big surprise it!