Watch is an indispensable necessity in our daily life. With the development of science and technology, watches are constantly upgrading. Automatic school watch is one of them, the following we look at this watch together!

Automatic calibration time of the watch, automatic calibration time of the watch which is good

Automatic school watch how to automatically calibrate the time

Automatic school watch can receive all the world’s six base stations of different frequency Cartier love bracelet replica radio signals, including China, Japan, Britain, Germany, North America, the standard radio, and automatically correct the time and date and other information. Even in different countries and regions, can also automatically receive radio waves, so that the watch and the local standard time consistent.

Automatic school watch recommended


Citizen automatic school radio wave table

This watch through the watch built-in radio receiver and antenna to receive radio waves issued by the radio tower to automatically calibrate the watch the time and calendar, the accuracy of this watch is very high.


Casio automatic school radio

Casio automatic school radio table is equipped with a double display (mechanical pointer and electronic liquid crystal combination of the new dual-display movement), the pointer display, at 9 o’clock position is currently using the functional status, battery power, Receiving state; 3-point position of the small disk, can confirm the world’s major city time.

Smart watch product development is very rapid, new products one by one available. But these products are usually priced at a few thousand dollars, most people still feel a little expensive What is the cheapest smart watch?

The cheapest smart watch, the cheapest watch phone profile

It is reported that ASUS will launch a running Android Wear operating system, smart watches, the price was significantly lower than other competitors products.

This is the words of smart watches using the AMOLED screen, the screen has a feature that often start. In addition, before ASUS has mentioned in the wearable device, it may be hand-operated, but it is not yet determined whether this product will be added. In addition, ASUS also hopes to improve the utilization of smart Cartier love ring replica watches on the battery, its power consumption is only 10% of smart phones.

ASUS smart watches priced at 99-149 dollars, and this watch is by far the cheapest Android Wear products.

Bluewatch is a smart watch launched by ZTE. This domestic smart watch how? We take a look at the introduction of this watch.

ZTE smart watch Bluewatch introduction

This ZTE Bluewatch is equipped with 1.26 inches, using memory technology LCD screen, and has a waterproof function, underwater 10 meters can still be used normally.

ZTE Bluewatch smart watch life time can be up to a week, and can be connected with the intelligent device, on the screen to push the intelligent device notification information. In addition, this Bluewatch also has a wealth of communication capabilities and accurate motion measurement.


It is worth mentioning that this ZTE smart watch is equipped with 7 × 24 hours of uninterrupted action data statistics device, you can accurately analyze the body fat burning, to provide the most professional sports assistance. In addition, this smart watch can also be used as intelligent remote control remote control, remote control smart phone for music playback, camera and so on.


Currently on the ZTE Bluewatch specific time to market and pricing has not yet announced, can be considered hanging a smart watch “fans” appetite. More specific parameters have to wait for this product to market to know, let us wait and see!

Recall past 2014, smart watches have become the major technology companies to develop the first object. But the market there are most of the smart watch design is very bad. And nevo’s appearance changed the status quo. It has been raised in the United States all over the site Indiegogo raised more than a million raise amount.

Volkswagen million, NEVO smart watch profile

Although many brands in recent years, riding a smart hot fashion, the introduction of a considerable number of smart watch products, but unfortunately most of the better, remove them are not practical features, the greater reason is that they look ugly. In contrast, the style of avant-garde advocate innovative Apple smart watch after the release of concern, and the traditional shape of the business fan of the motorcycle 360 has also been sold off. This has to let designers think about the design of smart watches, even if the smart watch with “smart” word, its essence is still “watch”. If the watch ugly can not watch (watch), it is better not to wear (wear). Implementing the idea of “no fashion, no rather die”, looking for nevo designers to abandon the immature little touch screen, Low burst plastic strap and leave the phone to remove the extra features of these elements, let the smart watch restore “watch” Nature, and ultimately the birth of this can watch the billion seek nevo smart watches.

Volkswagen million, NEVO smart watch profile

As a continuation of the traditional design, high-quality movement is also nevo can not be missing part of the Swiss movement for the user to retain the classic experience of traditional watches, only the real pointer to give people the time to run forward forever precious experience. There are three different Cartier nail bracelet replica colors of the style, respectively, Paris silver, New York black, Shanghai gold, three different colors to three regions to name, on behalf of three different cultures, which one, which Look at the user’s personal preferences. In order to make nevo more durable, billion for the nevo watch cover and Apple Watch bring the same sapphire glass. At the same time nevo waterproof level also reached 3ATM, can be worn in the swimming pool within three meters.

Volkswagen million, NEVO smart watch profile

nevo in the design to the material are the continuation of the traditional style of the watch, but how is it reflected in the smart? The answer lies in its built-in motion sensor, so billion to find their own smart watch called “fashion sports watch”. Motion sensor with Bluetooth 4.0, and the dial inside the 11 LED light group, so nevo can track the user to track the number of steps, travel distance, swimming arm frequency, sleep quality and duration, calorie consumption, vibration tips and so on. In addition to the motion monitoring function, there is an important function, that is, information shock prompt function, so that users will not miss all the important information.

Volkswagen million, NEVO smart watch profile

Since the advent of smart watches life has been criticized the point, every smart watch and even Apple Watch, need to be the same as the phone and every day a red, even worse half a day will be a red, such a watch with the normal timing Function can not be completed. And billion seek emie for nevo to bring a completely different power supply design, the use of two button batteries, respectively, independent of the movement and movement sensors, even if the movement sensor exhausted, billion seek nevo timing function is still normal use.

“Smart” is the more close to life, human experience, not just technology. Only the technology and people’s lives in the most practical, most concerned about the details of the combination, is to make the most acceptable intelligent products.